Overweight? Tired? High Blood Pressure? Risk of Coronary Heart Disease? Diabetes? Osteoporosis? Depression?

At ESP FITNESS, mature & motivated ladies regain their Energy, Strength & Passion to live life fully again under the careful guidance of Qualified Fitness Professionals through tailored one-on-one Personal Training & group fitness sessions.

Founder, Sandra has a past in nursing with a special mission to empower women through exercise, education in healthy eating & lifestyle coaching.


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0407 114 966




  • Give a Gift of Energy, Strength & Passion this Christmas!

    Christmas is just around the corner! How thoughtful do you want to be? What better gift than A New Lease on Life! To order your ESP Gift Voucher or Gift Package - Please call 0407 114 966 or email info@espfitness.com.au.
    (ESP FITNESS operates on the north side of Brisbane)

    26 October at 3:14pm